Compact and effortless to use, the PAX Era is a unique concentrate cannabis vaporizer that focuses on portability and overall ease of use. Internally, the PAX Era comes equipped with a 240mAh lithium-ion cell, which can be charged via a micro USB. The battery level is indicated through a 4 petal LED indicator, located on the body of the PAX Era. The device also comes with 4 preset temperature settings, which can be easily cycled through by lightly shaking the device, or using the Bluetooth connected app for more precise temperature controls. The PAX Era can operate between 520 - 790°F. In terms of pods, the PAX Era is purpose-built to work with pre-filled SimpleClick™ pods. These pods are sold separately by legal Canadian cannabis retailers such as OCS. The pods are designed to be discarded once empty. *NOTE: these are no refillable pods available for the PAX Era at this time.

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Designed by PAX to offer an effortless and amazing vaping experience, the PAX Era is a pocket-friendly cannabis concentrate vaporizer that takes design cues from the closed pod e-cigarette market. Much like the JUUL, or other closed pod e-cigarettes, the PAX Era utilizes pods that come pre-filled by the manufacturer. In the case of the PAX Era, the SimpleClick™ pods ensure a proper connection and satisfying clicking sound. 

Internally, the PAX Era features a fairly robust 240mAh lithium-ion cell, which fits well in the slim body of the device. The battery can be charged via a micro USB port on the bottom of the device, and the entire cell should charge in just under 45 minutes. The device itself does not feature any operating buttons, though it does have a battery indicator in the 4 petal LEDs on the body of the device.     

In terms of capabilities, the PAX Era comes with 4 preset temperature settings (520, 610, 700, or 790°F), which can be cycled through by lightly shaking the device. The PAX Era does also feature Bluetooth capabilities, meaning users can more accurately adjust their settings through the companion app on Android. The same LED petals that display the battery of the device also indicate what temperature setting the PAX Era is in. 

The SimpleClick™ pods used in the PAX Era come prefilled by the manufacturer and contain 0.5g of concentrates. The SimpleClick™ design ensures the pods are securely held in place and produce a satisfying sound when inserted into the PAX Era.


  • Dimensions: 84mm x 18.3mm x 10.25mm

  • Battery Capacity: 240mAh

  • Temperature Range: 520 - 790°F

  • Preset Power Levels: 520, 610, 700, or 790°F

  • Buttonless Control

    • Shake to switch modes

  • Bluetooth Connectivity - PAX Mobile Application

    • Precise temperature control

    • Session (size) control

    • Mini games

  • 4 Petal LED

    • Power mode

    • Battery level

  • SimpleClick™ Pod Compatible


  • PAX Era Device

  • Micro USB Cable

  • User Manual

  • Warranty Card

Specifications for PAX Era

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