DaVinci Ascent Advanced Personal Vaporizer

Da Vinci Ascent Personal Vaporizer

The Da Vinci series of vaporizers are very popular for dry herb, wax, and oil materials and are designed for personal, therapeutic use. The Da Vinci Ascent is available in several different styles and features an attractive glass stem. These are powerful, pocket sized, fully rechargeable portable vaporizers that will give you a smooth, discreet vapor. The Da Vinci Ascent also features manually adjustable temperature so you can customize the warmth and volume of vapor coming from your device. The Da Vinci Ascent has a digital display and a glass air path, and is in general a very clean and reliable device.


  • Wax, oil, and dry herb compatibility
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Digital Display
  • Glass Air Path and Stem
  • Pocket Sized and Discreet
  • Compatible with concentrates as well
  • 30 days warranty by 180 Smoke
  • 2 year warranty by Manufacturer

Specifications for DaVinci Ascent Advanced Personal Vaporizer

color Black or Black/Silver or Wood