STLTH Pods: Mango (3pk)

A 3 pack of STLTH Mango pods meant to work with the STLTH closed pod device. The pods hold 2mL of e-liquid and are available in 2.0% (20mg/mL), 3.5% (35mg/mL), and 5% (50mg/mL) nicotine strengths. The e-liquid used in the pods is nicotine-salt based and the coils are ceramic.

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Available exclusively for the STLTH device, STLTH’s Mango pods manage to capture the rich and robust flavours a ripe mango can offer. The pods come with a 2mL capacity and are prefilled by STLTH. The e-liquid used in the pods is salt-nicotine based and is available in three different nicotine strengths -- 2.0% (20mg/mL), 3.5% (35mg/mL), and 5% (50mg/mL).  

*Nic Salt" is the naturally occurring state of nicotine found in tobacco. E-liquid with extracted nicotine salt is known to more closely emulate the nicotine absorption rate of traditional smoking while providing a smoother inhale. Because of this, Nicotine Salt e-liquids are available in higher nicotine strengths than other e-liquids and can be more satisfying for vapers wanting minimal vapor cloud. Nicotine Salt e-liquid is a great option for new vapers looking for a vaping experience as close to smoking as possible.*

Specifications for STLTH Pods: Mango (3pk)

nicotine 2.0% (20mg/mL) or 3.5% (35mg/mL) or 5.0% (50mg/mL)