Aspire Nautilus BVC/2/2S/AIO Coils (5pk)

Pack of 5 replacement BVC (original, 2, 2S) coils for your Aspire Nautilus, Nautilus Mini, Nautilus 2, or Nautilus 2S clearomizer tank. Not compatible with any other tank systems!

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Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils

Pack of 5 replacement BVC/2/2S coils for your Aspire Nautilus, Aspire Nautilus Mini, Aspire Nautilus 2, or Aspire Nautilus 2S clearomizer tank, and the Aspire Nautilus AIO. Each coil is cross compatible with every generation of the Nautilus tanks, excluding the Nautilus X series.

Varieties include:

  • Nautilus BVC: 1.8Ω (10 - 14W / 4.2 - 5.0V))
  • Nautilus BVC: 1.6Ω (12 - 15W)
  • Nautilus 2: 0.7Ω (18 - 23W)
  • Nautilus 2S: 0.4Ω (23 - 28W)
  • Nautilus 2S: 0.7 mesh (20 - 25W)
  • Nautilus AIO: 1.8Ω nichrome (10 - 12W)
    • note: labeled for use specifically for use with nicotine salts, but works equally well with freebase nicotine

Compatible with:

Not compatible with any other tank systems!

Specifications for Aspire Nautilus BVC/2/2S/AIO Coils (5pk)

resistance_level 0.4Ω or 0.7Ω or 1.6Ω or 1.8Ω (default) or 0.7Ω Mesh or 1.8Ω Nichrome