RELX Infinity Portable Charging Case

The RELX Infinity Portable Charging Case is available in two sizes with different dimensions and capacity, but are equally simple and convenient to operate. The 1000mAh model is narrow like the device itself and the 1500mAh version is slightly wider, but both versions are incredibly compact and pocket friendly. Both models also have spring loaded pogo pins that allow for a quick and secure power connection, and a spring loaded door that securely holds the device in place while charging. Charge the portable case via USB C, then enjoy up to 2 days of on the go battery life for your RELX Infinity Vaping Device!

MSRP: 29.99
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1000mAh (black/white)1500mAh (black/gold)
Dimensions:150 x 45 x 30mm132 x 47 x 14mm
Output:1A Max
Charging Time:130min185min
Charging Port:USB C


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Specifications for RELX Infinity Portable Charging Case

batterycapacity 1000 mAh or 1500 mAh