Juno Wraps

Vinyl wraps for your Juno vape kit. Available in an assortment of cool designs. Easy to apply, with a perfect fit.

This product is discontinued.

No longer available

Juno Wraps

These vinyl wraps for your Juno vape kit are easy to attach, fit perfectly, and available in a multitude of cool designs! First remove the two small cut outs at the bottom that will uncover the air intakes. Then, line up the top and bottom indents on the sticker with the battery, and then wrap around the device by rubbing up and down the length to prevent bubbles. Adhesive that's made to stay, but still easy to remove when you want to!

Specifications for Juno Wraps

color Black or Cool Frenchie or Palms on the Water or Pink Chanel or Supreme Red or Town Hanging