Vape Mall is an authorized wholesale distributor for the entire line of JUUL products legally available in Canada

While JUUL products have achieved international recognition, we are one of the few authorized dealers in Canada in the vape store category. This allows us to give you access to all JUUL products, including JUUL vape kits, chargers, and JUUL pods. Being an authorized JUUL dealer also gives us the ability to make special promotions from JUUL available to you if you fit the criteria required by JUUL. In addition to offering a wide range of JUUL products, we are also committed to providing our clients with engaging, dedicated, friction-less, and personable service. Our adherence to these commitments allows us to nurture long and fruitful relationships.

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Access to the Most Disruptive Device on the Market

JUUL has become almost synonymous with vaping and is the first thing many people picture when thinking of a nicotine vape. Part of the success of JUUL lies in the ease of use of its products and the incredible construction that goes into each device.

Committed Wholesale Accounts Representatives

Vape Mall is prepared to help you in any way as you attempt to bring JUUL products into your stores. Our team is well versed on all of JUUL’s products and aims to nurture a win-win relationship between our business and yours. Identifiable Brand Recognition The success of JUUL has allowed it to become instantly recognizable and a true leader in the vape industry.

First-Mover Advantage

Vape Mall is fully equipped to give you all the resources you need to introduce JUUL products into your stores. Product Support from JUUL By ordering JUUL products through Vape Mall, you will be given access to direct support from JUUL.

Convenient and Accommodating Shipping Options

Our shipping and policy options are designed with resellers in mind and are meant to be as simple and efficient as possible.

Large Canadian Market Ready for Disruption

The Canadian tobacco market is ripe for disruption, and JUUL presents a distinct advantage to innovate the industry.

Expansive Item Stock

Vape Mall is already equipped to handle any and all wholesale orders. We also utilize a streamlined delivery procedure to ensure all orders are received, fulfilled, and shipped in a timely manner.

Accessible Order Quantities

Our wholesale policy gives retailers and resellers the ability to make JUUL purchases in smaller amounts.

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