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Searching for a JUUL Wholesale Distributor in Canada?

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Vape Mall is an authorized wholesale distributor for the entire line of JUUL products legally available in Canada.

While JUUL products have achieved international recognition, we are one of the few authorized dealers in Canada in the vape store category. This allows us to give you access to all JUUL products, including JUUL vape kits, chargers, and JUUL pods. Being an authorized JUUL dealer also gives us the ability to make special promotions from JUUL available to you if you fit the criteria required by JUUL.

In addition to offering a wide range of JUUL products, we are also committed to providing our clients with engaging, dedicated, friction-less, and personable service. Our adherence to these commitments allows us to nurture long and fruitful relationships.


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Access to the Most Disruptive Device on the Market

JUUL has become almost synonymous with vaping and is the first thing many people picture when thinking of a nicotine vape. Part of the success of JUUL lies in the ease of use of its products and the incredible construction that goes into each device.

Committed Sales Representatives

Vape Mall is prepared to help you in any way as you attempt to bring JUUL products into your stores. Our team is well versed on all of JUUL’s products and aims to nurture a win-win relationship between our business and yours.

Identifiable Brand Recognition

The success of JUUL has allowed it to become instantly recognizable and a true leader in the vape industry.

First-Mover Advantage

Vape Mall is fully equipped to give you all the resources you need to introduce JUUL products into your stores.

Product Support from JUUL

By ordering JUUL products through Vape Mall, you will be given access to direct support from JUUL.

Convenient and Accommodating Shipping Options

Our shipping and policy options are designed with resellers in mind and are meant to be as simple and efficient as possible.

Large Canadian Market Ready for Disruption

The Canadian tobacco market is ripe for disruption, and JUUL presents a distinct advantage to innovate the industry.

Expansive Item Stock

Vape Mall is already equipped to handle any and all wholesale orders. We also utilize a streamlined delivery procedure to ensure all orders are received, fulfilled, and shipped in a timely manner.

Accessible Order Quantities

Our wholesale policy gives retailers and resellers the ability to make JUUL purchases in smaller amounts.



How can I become an authorized JUUL retailer?
All JUUL products, including devices and pods, can only be sold at brick-and-mortar stores in Canada. We will also have to provide the address of each store to JUUL, who reserves the right to perform independent compliance checks. Your store will also be listed as an authorized retailer on the JUUL store locator page, though this may take several weeks to occur from the first day of purchase.

A retailer carrying JUUL products must also comply with all local vaping laws, including age verification, testing laws, and display laws. Each store associated with a reseller must also adhere to the terms and conditions of a Reseller Policy, which will be provided to the retailer by the sales agent.

Finally, all resellers must comply with JUUL Brand Policy and represent itself clearly as an authorized reseller. Utilizing JUUL trademarks in any domain names, social media usernames, or business names is strictly forbidden unless agreed to, in each instance, by the company in writing.

Which JUUL pods are available for wholesale?
We proudly stock all JUUL products, including all flavours and concentrations legally available in Canada.

How do I decide sales prices for JUUL products in my store?
Prices have already been determined by JUUL. The company has instituted a Minimum Advertised Policy (MAP) and all retailers must comply with this. The policy will be made available to you by your sales agent.

Is there a required order quantity?
Yes, you must purchase a minimum of $350, and all JUUL pods must be bought in quantity of 8 packs.

Can I sell both JUUL-compatible products and JUUL items in my store?
Both JUUL and Vape Mall require strict adherence JUUL’s Reseller Policy and Brand Policy. Please consult your dedicated sales representative for any questions on this.

Will JUUL provide me with in-store promotions?
Yes, JUUL will offer retailers and resellers merchandising units for promotional purposes. However, in compliance with Canadian federal promotion restrictions, all merchandising must not be outside facing.

JUUL may also present special promo campaigns to Vape Mall, which may be further extended to certain retailers if they fit the campaign requirements. These requirements may be based on geography and compliance with all JUUL and Vape Mall Terms & Conditions.

I am a retailer based in the US or in a country outside of Canada. Can I purchase flavors not available in the US?
No, JUUL requires retailers to maintain full compliance will local laws. Exceptions can be made, primarily for large retailers in a country or region where vaping is legal, but speak with your sales rep for more information.

Can I sell JUUL products on my ecommerce website or in bulk?
As per JUUL policy, there shall be no sale on websites or resale to other retailers in bulk. Non-compliance with this policy will result in blacklisting by JUUL.

Limits of sales include any purchase that exceeds 20 JUUL pods and two JUUL devices in a single transaction.

What information do I need to know to sell JUUL products to customers? What are the best practices to sell products, and what do my employees need to know?
JUUL products fall under the same municipal, provincial, and federal laws surrounding vaping, and if you have any more questions, feel free to inquire with your dedicated sales rep. JUUL will also include material for product training.

Ok, I’m convinced, what do I do now?
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