We are so excited to let you know that vapemall.ca will be completely revamped over the next couple of days. This change will come with great new features and a more personalized wholesale experience. If you experience any issues, please reach out to your dedicated sales rep. - The Vape Mall Team


Vape Mall & Our Wholesale Partnership with YOU

The Vape Mall Vision:

We are a new vape wholesale business, although not new to the vaping industry.  As a team with broad experience in the vape industry, we are setting out on a path to improve the wholesale experience and partnership vape shops and retailers are seeking from their vape wholesaler.  After dealing with many of the shared industry pain points associated with procuring products, we decided it was time to put a team together and launch Vape Mall with the goal of developing innovative solutions and industry relationships that will make Vape Mall your Canadian vape wholesale partner of choice.

We are focused on providing the widest selection of both e-liquid and hardware possible, and will be launching some special programs that we think will make managing your inventory less of a headache and more pleasant.  We want to be your wholesale partner and create win-win opportunities to grow together.  Born from seeing and feeling the issues vape retailers experience with wholesalers, we acknowledge how important it is to listen, and bring innovation and new programs that are tailored to the vape industry.  We know this will be a challenge, but at Vape Mall we are up for the challenge and welcome feedback that helps us continue to tailor our services to the specific needs of the vape market.

The programs we have and will continue to create always start from a foundation of how to make it more efficient and effective to procure vape hardware, vaping accessories, and the best e-liquids without getting lost in the massive and endless ocean of available products.  At the end of the day, we are here as a partner to provide the products you need to keep customers in your stores.  So let us help, and please share your feedback so we can be your one stop shop for vape hardware and e-juice!

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